2mm Hematite Hand-Stamped Heart Charm Bracelet 7" Set of two in gold

2mm Hematite Beaded Charm Bracelet - 7" - Set of 2

PriceFrom $20.00

These bracelets are made with hematite beads. Hematite beads can help with grounding, removing negative energy, increasing confidence, and decreasing stress.


This set comes with two bracelets and is meant to be worn as a pair. The charm will connect the two bracelets together.


Beads and charms are available in silver and gold. Choose what you would like on your charm in the list below.




Charm Color
Bead Color
    •  7" - Please let us know if you need another size.
    • 2 mm hematite beads
    • Charms are 16k gold plated over brass or sterling silver
    • Set of two bracelets connected by the charm